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The Deer Park Riot of 1974

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The Deer Park Riot of 1974
According to Gumprecht (2008, 304) the events of March 7, 1974 "demonstrated to Newark residents that student drinking had careened out of control". As a result of the commotion raised by an estimated total of one hundred streakers, thousands of students had made their way to Newark's oldest bar--The Deer Park Tavern.
With only a fraction of the students able to enter the bar, the rest took up positions on the surrounding streets. "The scene turned violent when revelers began to loot a liquor store that adjoined the Deer Park and others threw empty bottles into the street.  When police arrived, they were pelted with rocks and bottles...  [The] Newark police were no match," states Gumprecht (2008, 304).  It took over 230 police officers from a total of 5 separate departments to put a  stop to the 4,000 person wrecking crew, says Gumprecht (305), and "[t]hirteen people, including ten police officers, were injured and eleven arrested." 
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