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Growing up in Brookside in the 1980s

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Interview with Curtis Bedford:
Curtis Bedford was born in Newark, Delaware in 1972 and spent the greater part of his childhood in the Brookside neighborhood.  After graduating from Newark High School in 1989 he attended the University of Delaware. Mr. Bedford is currently the principal of Newark High School. 
Segments from the videotaped interview
Describe Brookside—the neighborhood where you grew up.
It was blue collar families. We were a pretty good representation: single parent home, hard working father. We were pretty active in the neighborhood; we were lucky we had a lot of friends our age who were into sports and things like that. 
When I went to UD, I lived at home in Brookside the first year and rode my bike. There used to be a dirt road, but now a connecting road has been formed there and they built the technology park, but I used to take that path, so it was a five minute bike ride. It was pretty accessible to downtown Newark.
Source of Information: 
Bedford, Curtis. Transcript from videotaped interview on March 27, 2009 by Veness and students in Geography 315 (Spring 2009).
Photo of Bedford courtesy of the Christiana School district: